OMRON announces global release of CP2E Series controller

KUALA LUMPUR, OMRON Corporation, a global leader in the field of automation has announced the global release in October of its new CP2E Series all-in-one controller that provides advanced control and IoT connectivity for compact machines.

The performance of IoT-connected machines can be visualised through simple programming, helping improve productivity and quality of machines used in manufacturing and other industries.

As a result of rising labour costs and shortage of skilled workers, manufacturers increasingly need to streamline the process of production ranging from machine setup to operation and maintenance.

In order to leverage machine data, the CP2E Series collects machine performance data and shares the necessary information with the host network, according to a statement.

The pre-defined programme data, or a function block, allows virtually anyone to set up machines that perform complex control, reducing the time required for programming, test, debugging and maintenance.



Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)