PubMatic releases industry-first independent omni-channel wrapper solution

KUALA LUMPUR, Premium digital advertising technology company, PubMatic has expanded OpenWrap, a first Prebid-based enterprise wrapper solution, to support OTT and CTV inventory.

Building upon OpenWrap’s success on desktop, mobile and in-app, publishers can now programmatically monetise inventory in all major addressable channels, while benefiting from the transparency and control offered by an independent, open-source solution.

PubMatic has also announced that Frankly Media has adopted OpenWrap server-to-server support for its video and OTT inventory, according to a statement.

OpenWrap simplifies workflows by managing omni-channel programmatic inventory in a single wrapper, allowing publishers to better monetise all inventory, especially high value video and advanced TV assets.

OpenWrap allows buyers to access premium audiences and brand safe supply across all addressable formats, enhancing reach and maximising OTS, resulting in improved audience targeting and media performance. This all helps drive increased buyer trust in digital advertising.



Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)