Motoise Shrine, Nariaji Temple transformed with art exhibitions until Nov 10

KUALA LUMPUR, Kyoto by the Sea DMO (Destination Management/Marketing Organization) is transforming Motoise Kono Shrine and Nariaiji Temple, Amanohashidate with exhibitions running until Nov 10.

Amanohashidate, one of Japan’s Three Scenic Views, along with the area’s major temples and shrines will be transformed into a dream-like atmosphere with light, video projection and sound-based digital art.

In addition, the internationally renowned media artists Hiroaki Umeda (Sept 13 to Oct 14) and NONOTAK (Oct 18 to Nov 4) will use Motoise Kono Shrine as stage to recreating the origin of Amanohashidate, by way of a ‘Path of Light’ and ‘Sea of Light’.

Meanwhile, Seiichi Saito will exhibit ‘JIKU’ on Nov 9 and 10, and features Nariaiji Temple, one of Japan’s 33 Western Pilgrimage Temples set to beautiful lights. The fall foliage will be in full-effect on this mountain temple overlooking the Sea of Japan.

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Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)