Hyland expands services, leading evolving industry needs across Asia

KUALA LUMPUR, Hyland, a leading content services provider for global organisations has expanded and tailored to the company’s solutions to match changing needs in Singapore.

The evolution is in line with Gartner’s repositioning of the sector in recent years.

Hyland (Asia-Pacific) director Eugene Chng said: Nearly two years ago, Gartner saw that typical reference points to traditional content solutions, such as the Enterprise Content Management platform, were no longer relevant.

Gartner foresaw that cloud adoption and increased integration was going to drive more flexible, holistic tools.

It marked a shift in our industry and we now refer to our offerings as Content Services, an umbrella term for the complete range of technologies and tools an enterprise requires for safe, fast, accurate capture, case management, workflow, multi-channel customer communications and document lifecycle management.

Hyland’s Brainware Intelligent Capture is now being deployed across many industries in the Asia Pacific region to accurately capture paper and electronic documents and seamlessly index content to core business applications.

Use of such solutions and services is allowing organisations to reduce costs and improve speed, accuracy and transparency by minimising repetitive, manual tasks at the same time as removing process bottlenecks.

Customer retention is key in this connected economy and customer communication management solutions ensure that businesses have an effective way to create high quality content to achieve effective, personalised communications with their customers.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)