Yamaha Fine Technologies unveils Micro Prober MP Series measurements systems

KUALA LUMPUR, Yamaha Fine Technologies Co Ltd has unveiled the Micro Prober MP Series ‘MP502/MP502-A’ measurements systems, capable of continuously inspecting the high-frequency characteristics of circuit boards with high speed and precision.

The first products of the series, MP502 and MP502-A, were released today, according to a statement.

The new MP502 and MP502-A systems enable high-speed, high-accuracy inspections of high-frequency characteristics of actual product patterns when combined with a commercial vector network analyser.

This enables inspections of actual products that were formerly problematic and measurement of all relevant mass-produced products.

The systems allow high-speed transmission circuit boards to be inspected during mass production in a panel form. It also supports independent upper and lower positioning to support multi-layer substrates with inspection points on both surfaces.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)