Muhd Faris big catch for TFC – Nafuzi

KUALA TERENGGANU, Terengganu FC (TFC) head coach Nafuzi Zain believes that the presence of Muhd Faris Ramli would help to revive the team’s fortune in the Malaysian League (M-League) next season.

Nafuzi said he had been following the progress of the Singapore-born winger when Muhd Faris played for the Lions XII team and helped the team to win the FA Cup in 2015 as an invitee team.

He noted that Muhd Faris, who was named as the best player in Singapore with 16 goals, would be the right choice to be the winger for TFC, teaming up with two other imported players, namely Sanjar Shaakhmedov and team captain Lee Tuck.

“I’m interested in Muhd Faris because his game play is compatible with TFC’s.

“I hope his presence could have a positive impact on the Black-White team next season,” he said when contacted today.

Nafuzi noted that Muhd Faris was scheduled to arrive in Terengganu by early December but it has to be postponed due to some pending work.

According to him, Muhd Faris’s services were needed to help Singapore’s national team at the Philippines SEA Games, which will take place until the middle of December.

“I hope the Turtles squad fans could wait patiently for Muhd Faris’s arrival and would continue to support the team,” he said.

The 27-year-old Muhd Faris played with PKNS FC in 2018 and served Hougang United FC in the Singapore League this year.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)