Kampung Aring 5 residents repair water facility damaged by elephants

GUA MUSANG, The Orang Asli from the Batik community in Kampung Aring 5 here conducted a gotong royong yesterday to repair a hill water catchment facility which was damaged by a herd of elephants since last week.

Kampung Aring 5 headman, Raina Anjang, 41, said the repair work took a whole day before the catchment could resume supplying clean water to the village last night.

He said the gotong royong had to be carried out by the residents to avoid a long delay in getting clean water for the village if the work was left entirely to the contractors to carry out.

However, he said, the residents could only temporarily patch up the leaking water catchment tank and reconnected broken water pipes to the villages using whatever materials available to prevent a clean water shortage at the village.

”We hope the Orang Asli Development Department’s (JAKOA) contractors will carry out a proper repair work as soon as possible,” he said when met in Kampung Aring 5, here today.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)