LZS aims to attract Muslims to pay zakat via GoPayz

KUALA LUMPUR,  Lembaga Zakat Selangor (LZS) aims to attract 1.2 million Muslim U Mobile subscribers in Selangor to pay their zakat (tithe) by using GoPayz, U Mobile’s universal e-wallet.

LZS chief executive officer (CEO) Saipolyazan Mat Yusop said the collaboration with U Mobile is to encourage more Selangorians to pay their zakat via the digital platform, in line with its aim to drive cashless zakat payment in the state.

He said zakat payment via digital platform had increased by 47 per cent.

Saipolyazan said LZS hoped to encourage more Muslims to pay zakat to support the growing number of asnaf in Selangor.

He said the number of asnaf is likely to grow to 60,000 this year and 70,000 next year from 50,000 in 2018.

LZS hopes the new platform will also help them to reach more Muslim immigrants in the country.

He said LZS is looking at ways to tap into the Muslim community from Indonesia, Cambodia, Pakistan and Bangladesh, among others.

GoPayz is Malaysia’s first e-wallet to offer zakat fufilment platform to LZS.

Meanwhile, U Mobile group CEO Wong Heang Tuck said there are 15,000 users onboard GoPayz currently, and the company had targeted the Muslim community to make up at least 70 per cent of GoPayz’s subscribers in the near future.

Muslims can make zakat payments for income, business, savings, equities, gold, silver, assets, zakat fitrah (personal tithe) to LZS conveniently via the GoPayz app or web.

Wong said the zakat platform is the first Islamic service by GoPayz and more services would be launched in the future.

“GoPayz is committed to continuing to expand its digital services to bring unlimited convenience and access to all its customers.

“This is just the first phase and we will be looking at introducing more Islamic services that will benefit the community,” he added.


Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)