ViaBTC holds biggest share of BSV mining, supports one-click switch

KUALA LUMPUR, The highest ViaBTC’s BSV has reached 717.52PH/s, accounting for 54.8 per cent of the hashrate of the BSV entire network, with 40,000 BSV coins mined, makes it the highest hashrate mining pool.

This is according to miningpoolstats (, as of Jan 15.

Its return per T is about 2.08 yuan per day, the highest figure being 106 per cent higher than the rate of return on BTC and about 59.2 per cent higher than that on BCH. (1 yuan = RM0.59)

ViaBTC announced that users can switch BSV hashrate with only ‘One click’. In one month from Jan 15, users can enjoy zero rate in BSV mining.

ViaBTC is also expected to launch the activity of BSV mining rewards sharing.

According to CoinEx, BSV skyrocketed 321 per cent in a week. The market expects BSV will lead the halving trend in 2020, pushing up the value of other tokens involved in halving.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency