Universal Protocol Alliance lists USD, EURO stablecoins, UPT on Bittrex Global

KUALA LUMPUR, March 20 — The Universal Protocol Alliance has announced the listing of three tokens on Bittrex Global.

The tokens are the Universal Dollar (UPUSD), a USD-pegged stablecoin collateralised 1:1 with the US Dollar; The Universal Euro (UPEUR), a EURO-pegged stablecoin collateralised 1:1 with the EURO and the Universal Protocol Token (UPT).

UPT is the Alliance utility token that will offer holders valuable benefits from Alliance members. Bittrex Global will be offering a lower fee structure for UPT holders.

The Universal Dollar and Euro stablecoins are aimed at users looking for an alternative to existing stablecoin products, and those looking for low volatility and a competitive annual rate of return.

According to a statement, in countries with high inflation or limited access to traditional banking, users can now lend their EURO and USD-pegged assets and earn interest.

To earn a return, users can stake their UPUSD via the CredEarn application on Uphold. In developed countries, UPUSD and UPEUR provide a transparent and secure way for users to store their digital assets held on a 1:1 basis licensed and insured banks.

UPUSD and UPEUR will trade freely on Bittrex Global. For those wishing to mint or redeem their stablecoins using USD or EUROs, customers may open an account at Uphold, a member of the Universal Protocol Alliance.

More details at www.universalprotocol.io

Source: BERNAMA News Agency