Kundasang set to undergo agricultural revolution – Junz Wong

RANAU Kundasang is set to undergo an agricultural revolution as the state government decided to implement modern technologies on the agriculture sector, said Sabah Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Datuk Junz Wong.


“The ministry is in the midst of revolutionising the Kundasang area. I think many Sabahans are aware of how conventional farming has damaged the environment.


“We have seen soil erosion due to forest cutting, the weather is not as cold as before and the soil is getting laced with more and more harmful chemicals.




“The Sabah government is aware. That is why apart from implementing plans to help farmers, we are also making sure it is sustainable,” he said in a statement here, today.


Wong said this includes implementing the fertigation pilot programme at Permanent Food Production Area (TKPM) as an efforts to solve the problems faced by farmers and problems that threatening the environment.


“In the Mesilau TKPM for example, we decided to test run a fertigation pilot programme, so that participants can increase their income and at the same time avoid more pollution to the environment.



“We are seeing extremely positive results. The first batch of eight participants who have joined the pilot fertigation programme are consistently earning five-figure income,” he said.



Source: BERNAMA News Agency