UMNOSiswa proposes IPT reopening standardised


KUALA LUMPUR The Kelab Mahasiswa UMNO (UMNOSiswa) has proposed that the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) standardises the reopening of institutions of higher learning (IPT) for the next semester.


Its president, Mubarak Kunyi, in a statement, said that the move would facilitate student affairs and the university to make necessary preparations for the student’s readmission on campus.


“It is also an alternative for students who have trouble accessing the Internet to return to campus to continue their teaching and learning (PdP) activities online in a more conducive environment”, he said.




He also suggested that online teaching and learning be continued until Dec 31, according to preliminary information.


He said that the club has received 15,985 respondents voicing their views regarding the reopening of the IPT.


Subsequently, the club submitted a memorandum on the reopening of the IPT to the ministry yesterday for consideration.


Source: BERNAMA News Agency