75 Orang Asli families stranded when river overflows

GUA MUSANG Over 300 residents from 75 Orang Asli families in Kampung Aring 5, here, were reportedly stranded after Sungai Aring overflowed, causing the main connecting road to be under three metres of water from around 2 am following heavy rain since early last night.


This is the third such incident for the villagers this year following heavy rain, causing the river to overflow.


Orang Asli Kampung Aring 5 headman, Raina Anjang said the villagers only realised the situation about 7 am today when they wanted to go out to Gua Musang town.




“They had to turn back, then told the other villages about the submerged road and to wait for the flood to subside, However, as at 3 pm, It has not fully subsided although the rain has stopped.


Orang Asli villager, Mohd Fazli Mamok, 34, said usually the flood water would subside after three hours of rain had stopped but it was taking longer this time, probably because it was still raining in the upstream area.


He added that the situation could prolong further if there was a downpour this evening or tonight, with the river overflowing again, worsening the situation.




Source: BERNAMA News Agency