Unaware among reasons many MAF veterans yet To register – JHEV


KUALA LUMPUR Unaware of the registration function and low digital skills have been identified as among the reasons many Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) veterans have yet to register with the MAF Veteran Affairs Department (JHEV).


JHEV director-general Major General Datuk Dzulkarnain Ahmad said that constraint made it difficult for the department to channel government’s assistance and benefits to the veterans.




He said that based on the record, as at July 30, the total number of MAF veterans and dependents was 306,900 people.


“They are divided into three categories, namely a total of 102,559 people are veterans with pension, 180,395 non-pensionable veterans and 23,946 veterans’ widows,” he told Bernama here.


Dzulkarnain said out of the total non-pensionable veterans, only 95,933 people had registered and had a complete record thus far while the remaining 84,462 yet to register.



He urged non-pensionable veterans who had yet to register, would do so immediately to make it easier for the department to channel assistance or facilities provided by the government.


“Some of them are old and unfamiliar with digital technology, making it difficult for them to register online. There are also situations where some of them have their own jobs after retirement and are not in need to have any ties with the government,” he said.


He said that JHEV as a medium to channel aid or facilities by the government, will continue its efforts to track down the group, including the setting up a special committee about two months ago.


“The committee will review the original documents of non-pensionable MAF veterans to be re-registered into the existing system.


He said that the committee has further facilitated JHEV’s efforts in locating and registering the veterans to channel the assistance allocated under the Prihatin Rakyat Economic Stimulus Package (PRIHATIN) as announced by the government.


He said the process of tracking down non-pensionable veterans was also assisted by 132 military veteran associations as well as its 350 branches.


“With the involvement of the associations, efforts to track down the veterans can be implemented continuously,” he said.




Source: BERNAMA News Agency