Government mulls re-establishment of National Mineral Council


KUALA LUMPUR The government is looking to re-establish the National Mineral Council as outlined in the National Mineral Industry Transformation Plan (TIM) 2020-2030, says Energy and Natural Resources Minister Datuk Dr Shamsul Anuar Nasarah.


He said this was under one of the four thrusts in the transformation plan, namely concerning governance and legislation.


According to him, the functions of the National Mineral Council had previously been merged with the National Land Council, and the re-establishment of the council is important as issues relating to minerals should be discussed in detail between the federal and state governments.




Shamsul Anuar said this in his speech text today during a meeting with the media on TIM 2020-2030.


He added that the establishment of guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOP) to regulate the industry was important to ensure its sustainably.


“Currently, the Bauxite Mining SOP has been successfully developed and implemented in Pahang effective Sept 5, 2019, while the Non-Radioactive Rare Earths SOP and Sustainable Mining Guidelines are currently being prepared, and expected to be completed by October,” he said.



Shamsul Anuar said to further strengthen the legal framework with regard to the mineral industry, several legislations would be reviewed, including the Geological Survey Act 1974, Mineral Development Act 1994, and Environmental Quality Act 1974.


“Consultation will also be carried out with the respective states to review the State Mineral Enactment. Among the things identified are to have a uniform governance mechanism, structure and royalty rate in each state, as well as control of raw mineral exports,” he said.



Source: BERNAMA News Agency