Kelantan Department Of Chemistry to become Ketum Analysis Centre by 2022

— The Department of Chemistry Malaysia (JKM) in Kelantan which operates in Kampung Telok in Panji here is expected to be the eastern zone Ketum Analysis Centre by 2022.

Science, Technology and Innovation Deputy Minister (MOSTI), Ahmad Amzad Hashim said, the matter has been proposed by the Kelantan Department of Chemistry considering the numerous ketum cases in the state and ketum itself contributes 40 per cent of drug cases in the state.

“The matter was proposed by the Kelantan Department of Chemistry in view of the current developments here. With the findings of a study by the Department of Chemistry, it will help various quarters.

“Under the Chemistry Department itself there are several centres, among them the DNA Analysis Centre, Water Analysis Centre and now a centre for ketum analysis has been proposed,” he told reporters in conjunction with the opening of the Kelantan Chemistry Department building.

Also present were the Department of Chemistry Malaysia director-general, Mohamed Zaini Abdul Rahman and director of Kelantan state Chemistry Department, Hashimah Yahya.

The building which has been used for the past 10 years was built at a cost of RM31.7 million.

Ahmad Amzad also hoped that these important analysis centres will further highlight the role of the department which is now 111 years old.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Zaini in his speech said, for 2018 and 2019, the Kelantan Department of Chemistry had received 2,477 and 2,492 ketum cases respectively with a total of 24 tonnes of ketum leaves, excluding five tonnes for this year.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

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