Penang RTD issues 7,100 summonses on tinted glasses, registration numbers


BUKIT MERTAJAM The Penang Road Transport Department (RTD) has issued 7,100 summonses for various offences involving vehicle registration numbers and tinted windows from early January to yesterday.


Penang RTD director Adenan Md. Isa said, of the total, 5,638 summonses were issued to offenders using tinted glasses while the remaining 1,462 summonses involved vehicle registration numbers that did not meet specifications.


“Penang RTD has conducted a special operation throughout the year on private vehicles, public service vehicles (KPA), commercial vehicles including caravans, goods and tourism vehicles that use tinted windows and display vehicle registration numbers that do not follow specifications.




“The offences (tinted glasses) that are often perpetrated show that many people still do not realise that the use of tinted glasses will endanger drivers, especially at night and during rainy weather. In addition, we also find it difficult to detect some offences committed by road users including using cell phones and not wearing seat belt, “he said at a press conference here today.


The continuous special operation was carried out by the RTD special team involving 60 officers and members of the Penang RTD operating unit throughout the state.


Source: BERNAMA News Agency

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