Appreciate Rukun Negara, not just recite it as pledge

The Rukun Negara needs to be deeply appreciated by all Malaysians regardless of age and background, and not just to be recited as a pledge.


Melaka Public Library (Perpustam) director Mohamed Aizammuddy Mohamed Idris said this is because the Rukun Negara is the basis for unity, harmony and peace among the multiracial citizens who have lived in this country for many years.


“Since school, we have been taught or told to recite the Rukun Negara but in fact the appreciation of the Rukun Negara is more important.





“The impact of appreciating the Rukun Negara in the soul of every Malaysian will be greater than just uttering a pledge,” he told Bernama at the national news agency’s roadshow to enliven the Rukun Negara’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, held at the Melaka Public Library here today.


Also present at the event were Rukun Negara 50th Anniversary Celebration Roadshow programme coordinator Hasnita Ibrahim and Melaka Bernama bureau chief Mohd Fakri Awang Lah.


The roadshow involves 26 selected locations including the participation of 16 schools nationwide. It ends on Sept 15.



It provides an opportunity for Bernama to promote its various activities related to the Rukun Negara as well as to encourage participation in its activities and programmes, such as Insta Challenge, Rukun Negara Hour, Webinar, e-Tressure Hunt, talks and documentaries.



Source: BERNAMA News Agency

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