Another chicken processing centre ordered closed by DBKL

KUALA LUMPUR A poultry processing centre at Spring Crest Industrial Park, Batu Caves near here, was ordered to close after the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) through the Food Control Unit of the Department of Health and Environment found that the operation of the premises was unhygienic.

DBKL in a statement said that it has issued a closing order notice under Section 11 of the Food Act 1983 which takes effect tomorrow.

“The results of the inspection found that the level of cleanliness of the premises was unsatisfactory, the floor of the premises was dirty, the premises not neatly arranged and FIFO (First In First Out) was not practised.

“Refrigerators are also not well maintained, dirty and smelly and there is food waste on the floor. Public drains are full of garbage and food processing was carried out less than 0.45 metres from the floor level,” according to the statement, today.

The statement also said that DBKL will continue to monitor premises from time to time to ensure that the operators of the premises comply with the stipulated rules and the level of cleanliness set.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency