LANGKAWIfm launches theme song ‘Ya Untukmu’ in conjunction with 27th anniversary

LANGKAWIfm today launched a theme song titled ‘Ya Untukmu’, in conjunction with the radio station’s 27th anniversary.

The launching ceremony was officiated by Langkawi Broadcasting director, Zulkefli Mohd.

When met by the media, Zulkefli said the launch of the theme song was one of the initiatives to rejuvenate the station as well as to attract young listeners.

“In conjunction with the 27th anniversary, LANGKAWIfm needs a new dimension so we are trying to rejuvenate the station through the launch of theme songs and more versatile programmes to endear us to the listeners.

“Apart from these two measures, LangkawiFM also plans to broadcast live on the Facebook social site beyond the boundaries of conventional broadcasts and the station will continue to be fresh and find a place in the hearts of listeners,” he said at the 27th anniversary celebration of LANGKAWIfm, here today.

Zulkefli said LANGKAWIfm will also continue to go bilingual, using Malay and English languages to continue to provide the latest information to local and international listeners from the island in particular and the country in general.

Radio 3 Langkawi started broadcasting on Nov 1, 1993 at the Langkawi District Information Office, before moving to the Tabung Haji Building.

The station was later known as Radio Pelancongan Langkawi (Langkawi Tourism Radio) in 1996 before changing its name to Radio Malaysia Langkawi in 2002 and later LANGKAWIfm in 2005.

LANGKAWIfm broadcasts its transmission for 12 hours utilising 104.8 MHz frequency in two languages, namely Malay and English

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

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