Out of space for animal friends, woman asks human friend for help

– “I’ve got a pregnant cat at the clinic … could you help take care of it? I’ll pay all the costs,” came the request from Noorfadzillah Daud’s friend, a cat rescuer.

Now, the 48-year-old – helped by her husband, Awang Sebawi Awang Halil, 55 and their youngest son, Awang Zulhilmi, 14 – care for 10 cats (including a rescued Persian) at their house in Taman Desa Rahmat.

She said it all began about three months ago when she agreed to sit a female cat that had suffered a broken leg after it was run over by a car.

She said her 40-something friend lives in an apartment in Tampoi, so her options are limited.

“She had even rented an apartment for the strays and abandoned animals she saved, but has run out of space. There are a few living with her, too.

“As a fellow animal lover, I agreed to help because I’m not working and have the free time, while my sons are now teenagers,” she told Bernama.

Noorfadzillah said she ensures the eight male and two female cats under her care are well fed, bathed and checked for fleas and infection, while their cages are cleaned every day.

She said she goes through at least 14kg of kibble and 60kg of kitty litter per month.

She said her friend pays for all the cat care expenses and even a small fee for homing them.

“She told me that if the cat is ill, just take it to the clinic and she’ll pay the bill. Same with taking them for grooming,” said Noorfadzillah who has three cats of her own, rabbits, goldfish and chickens.

She said her friend’s husband visits the cats once a fortnight.

“I love all the cats and treat them like my babies. I would feel bad releasing them back onto the streets,” said Noorfadzillah who has posted pictures of her fur babies on Facebook and received positive reaction.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

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