Germany’s BfArM Joins SNOMED International for Nationwide Use of SNOMED CT

LONDON, Jan. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Germany’s Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) has announced their membership in SNOMED International for national use of SNOMED CT from the beginning of January 2021.

SNOMED CT, the world’s most comprehensive clinical terminology and a recognized critical element for the electronic exchange of health data, is an important building block to achieve Germany’s digitization initiative. Effective January 1, 2021, German users can register to request a free license for use of SNOMED CT by visiting the BfArM’s National Release Center website.

BfArM President Prof. Dr. Karl Broich shares, “with SNOMED CT, the digitization of the healthcare system in Germany continues. As an international standardized health terminology, SNOMED CT is an important prerequisite for the reliable use and exchange of medical data from various sources to enable clinical and research activities. This is how we accelerate innovative developments and deliver new types of care options more quickly to patients.”

Not all users in Germany will be new to SNOMED CT. In 2020, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research initiated a pilot license with a limited number of sub-licenses for Medical Informatics Initiative research participants and partners, an endeavor led by the TMF. Additionally, SNOMED International and Germany have, over the years, arranged for limited public good licenses allowing German clinicians, researchers and academics to experience the power of SNOMED CT. Now with full membership, all German institutions and specialist groups involved in the health care sector wishing to use SNOMED CT in their applications can apply for a free license from the BfArM.

Founded in 2007 by nine charter nations, SNOMED International is a not-for-profit organization that owns and maintains SNOMED CT, the world’s most comprehensive clinical terminology. With over 350,000 concepts, SNOMED CT is not just a coding system of diagnosis. It also covers clinical findings like signs and symptoms and tens of thousands of surgical, therapeutic and diagnostic procedures. Also within the scope of SNOMED CT are observables and those concepts representing body structures, organisms, substances, pharmaceutical products, physical objects, physical forces, specimens, etc. needed to be recorded in or around the health record.

With SNOMED CT, users can record patient data more accurately, exchange patient data both within the health care team and with patients, both locally and across borders, to improve patient outcomes. Further, SNOMED CT can be used in health data and analytics platforms for clinical analytics, population analytics, management analytics, clinical research, applied research, and other research activities to improve health care.

SNOMED International CEO Don Sweete recognizes the dedication and work Germany has committed to formally begin their SNOMED CT journey. “With our global circumstance, 2021 is a year to showcase the power delivered by digital health,” Don says. “Furthering Germany’s digital health goals, SNOMED International membership will enable German users nationally to take advantage of augmented content areas such as Social Care and Social Determinants of Health, Genomics, Vaccines, and Devices. Due to SNOMED CT’s polyhierarchical structure, Germany will be able to leverage SNOMED CT to engage in leading edge research and data analytics.”

SNOMED International is proud to now work with 22 Members across Europe, and 40 Members globally. The addition of Germany to the organization further extends the reach of interoperable patient health information across Europe and broadens mature use of SNOMED CT to support German care delivery and clinical research.

For more information, please visit SNOMED International or the BfArM SNOMED CT website.

Media Contact:

Kelly Kuru
SNOMED International | Chief Communications Officer
(e) [email protected]

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