Vessel said to be centuries-old found in Lipis after floods

— The wreck of an old vessel said to be hundreds of years old was discovered at Sungai Lipis, near the Sungai Kampung Pagar Penjom suspension bridge in Kuala Lipis around 220 kilometres from here yesterday.

Lipis district police chief Supt Azli Mohd Noor said the vessel, made of wood and metal, was believed to have been revealed by the floods that hit the district on Jan 3, before receding almost a week later.

Azli said the police were informed of the discovery of the wreck by a villager at around 5 pm and a team was dispatched to the site to confirm the information.

“Initial investigations revealed that there was a metal object with the words VIVIA AND SONS SHEATING on the wreck. There were also 16 digits believed to be referring to the weight or density of copper.

“However, we are still waiting for the Malaysia Heritage Department to conduct further checks and for the time being, the area around the wreck is under police supervision,” he said, adding that there were several components on the wreck that were missing.

Based on police interviews with nearby residents, the components were believed to have been taken by some villagers.

He advised those who had done so to return the components immediately as it was an offence to keep heritage items under the National Heritage Act 2005.

“The act stipulates that any member of the public who discovers a heritage item should immediately report it to the relevant authorities and not take the component or any part of the item to keep or as a collection.

“Objects found after the act came into effect is also the absolute property of the federal government and compensation can be paid to the owner of the land if it was found on private land,” he said, adding that those who are believed to have damaged, deformed, disposed or alter heritage objects without permission can be arrested.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

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