Meet the Global Shipping Industry’s Preferred Digital Marketing Agency

NEW YORK, Feb. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Potter Esquire Media Group is helping the global shipping, maritime, and shipping container industry with their digital transformation in a major way… via mobile responsive website design, ecommerce shopping experiences, search engine optimization (SEO), digital advertising, and omni-channel digital strategy.

Large Brands Need a Digital Transformation in 2021

With over twenty years of digital agency experience, the team at Potter Esquire Media Group focuses heavily on helping companies with their digital transformation, including digital marketing surrounding their clients’ goal of growing, acquiring and retaining new and existing customers.

Often contracted by some of today’s largest global companies, Potter Esquire Media Group boasts a client list of heavyweights from many different industries. Some of those names include IBM, LG, Citigroup, Nike, Dell, Lucasfilm, and the shipping industry’s number one supplier of new and used shipping containers, Triton International.

We sat down with the owner of Potter Esquire Media Group, [Mr. Potter] and he provided great insight on his experience within the shipping container industry: “Early in 2019 we were brought in to redesign an ecommerce website for Triton International. Our due diligence process included doing a full review of the shipping container industry, which also included looking at the competitive landscape and seeing where every company stood within the digital space. That analysis led us to realize that the shipping industry (as a whole) had not yet made the digital transformation. Many companies had websites that were outdated, which led us to believe they also weren’t marketing digitally to their customers. We were fortunate enough to work closely with the global leadership team at Triton, which was like learning from Yoda [Star Wars reference]. The industry knowledge that they bestowed upon us completely changed the way we looked at the importance of shipping containers and the shipping industry on a global scale… which then expanded our simple ‘redesign’ project into a full digital transformation project. We redesigned and optimized their shipping container website, including the ecommerce portal that helps streamline online sales for registered customers. We designed a chassis sales website, and supplied them with a digital marketing strategy that drives sales and helps them find new customers while socially engaging with existing customers.

That project started in February 2019 and ended in July 2020. The leadership team at Triton had the foresight in 2019 to agree to a full digital transformation for their company. Fast forward to the summer of 2020 during the Covid-19 shutdown, and Triton International was already prepared for the online sales transition that every company from every industry was scrambling to figure out. Kudos to Triton’s leadership team for being ahead of the curve!”

When asked about his digital prediction for 2021, Mr. Potter added, “I think the global shipping industry [and related companies] should be rethinking how to pivot digitally while focusing on growing their online presence going forward. Most of the companies do not have official marketing departments, so it won’t be easy… but that’s where Potter Esquire Media Group steps in. My team’s goal is to assist in helping companies expand in every facet along their digital journey… by enhancing their marketing, ecommerce sales, design, and overall digital footprint.

Think about it… B2B and B2C consumers are currently home in front of their computers more than ever before, which means this is the perfect time for the entire global shipping industry to evolve digitally. Some business owners will get the ‘digital-memo’ and will see an uptick in online sales, website traffic, and/or TEU movement, while others will be left behind.”

About Potter Esquire Media Group

Potter Esquire Media Group provides consulting services specializing in PMI-PMP Certified Project Management, Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation, Omni-Channel Digital Strategy, Influencer Marketing, Digital Advertising, Commercial & Linear Ad Videography, Podcast Hosting, and Website & Mobile App Design.

Eric Potter, PMP | [email protected] | Web:

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