Bunka Fashion Graduate University annual event goes virtual

KUALA LUMPUR Bunka Fashion Graduate University (BFGU), a professional graduate school in Japan, has released ‘Vol.3 Future Generation’, the main content of the online event “BFGU Online Festival ‘Redefining’.”

According to a statement, this is the first online presentation of ‘Bunka Fashion Graduate University Fashion Week’, attracting more than 4,000 visitors from the fashion industry every year.

The fashion show by BFGU’s Division of Fashion Creation is a collection of released brands in which a huge number of current young designers participated previously.

On the other hand, Division of Fashion Management majors also present research on sustainable fashion, an area acquiring more attention in the industry in recent years.

The content details of Vol.3 Future Generation include the fashion show by second-year Division of Fashion students in a digital video technique, and the conventional runway style is transcended.

In addition, there is a 360-degree panoramic shot of the works by the fashion creation majors using the VR camera ‘Matterport’. Viewers can see the works and videos created by graduate students in a 3D virtual tour.

BFGU is also going to release creations with 3D CAD using AR technology. Viewers are able to indulge in virtual experience that they will feel true and real.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

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