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Innovative, Two-Sided Platform for “Makers and Sellers” of INCREDIBLE PRODUCTS®

Truley Incredible

Truley Incredible

DANA POINT, Calif., Nov. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TRULẼY INCREDIBLE™ Inc. is building an influential, two-sided products platform with a global reach for buyers and sellers of INCREDIBLE PRODUCTS®. The platform is being created to launch better products and influence purchase decisions by introducing products that are good for people and or our planet, providing distinction and a competitive advantage for product makers, small manufacturers, S.M.B.s and retail merchants. The result elevates brands producing better engagements and experiences, creating an infinite tool and market fit, using brand licensing to form an exclusive multichannel retail merchant and products media network.

With e-commerce and product content exploding, brands are getting lost. Pricing tools are being used in browsers while marketing costs are increasing. More often, inconsistent pricing occurs when improper distribution methods are used, squeezing margins. This trend shortens product lifecycles and reduces future revenue opportunities.

The company is interested in forming partnerships and are currently accepting inquiries to establish an influential global products platform, enhancing the wholesale and retail launch solution by providing intelligent distribution supporting product lifecycles, brand value and margins and attracting better products by offering product makers benefits, resources, representation, and accreditation.

TRULẼY INCREDIBLE™’s platform is different, it extends and integrates across borders, industry and consumer channels. The company is building a broad and “exclusive network” of retailer merchants, publishers, digital media and broadcast channels to produce continual industry and consumer visibility, using innovative and engaging technologies and content syndication to present an INCREDIBLE PRODUCT™ experience.

“Utilizing existing infrastructures and collaborative teams and the latest in technologies to accelerate the formation allows us to swiftly develop into a significant enterprise, reducing customer acquisition costs, improving customer engagements and retention rates, increasing reoccurring revenue and CLV and delivering better products to consumers and increasing retention,” says Eli Bakofsky, CFO

“The intent of our INCREDIBLE PRODUCTS® platform is to become the company that makers of new products seek out first, prior to launching their product into retail channels,” says Dan Cwieka, founder of TRULẼY INCREDIBLE™. When someone creates an INCREDIBLE PRODUCT™, there’s significant value in sales, factoring, licensing, funding, media, advertising and distribution. Original product makers and support groups should receive the benefits and the distinction that comes with inventing an INCREDIBLE PRODUCT™. It’s a reflection of their work, passion and commitment.

Using LinkedIn®, TRULẼY INCREDIBLE™ experienced a great platform firsthand. The company received input, accessed resources, and even validated our brand by connecting with leading collegiate entrepreneurial programs, advertisers, product buyers, financial institutions, crowdfunding platforms, celebrities, influencers, inventors, inventor networks, associations, retailers, publishers, digital media firms, broadcasters and tech firms.

“Innovation is our brand and our networks advantage is unparalleled by its memorable and inherent attributes, fostering expectations used to create first look opportunities, producing both a customer draw and returning customers. Its authoritative, allowing for brand advocacy to influence purchase decisions across industries,” says Matt Genandt co-founder.

Dan Cwieka

Truly Incredible Inc.,



TRULẼY INCREDIBLE™ is a trusted, tech-driven, two-sided products platform for buyers and sellers of INCREDIBLE PRODUCTS®. We launch products and elevate brands around the world, producing distinction and a competitive advantage for original product makers. INCREDIBLE PRODUCTS® is a powerful launch solution that provides resources, representation, visibility, benefits and revenue certainty. The company is built to attract and launch better products that are good for people and/or our planet, serving original product makers, crowdfunding platforms, collegiate entrepreneurial programs and SMB’s. Using advanced technologies, brand licensing, mass media and content syndication to support an exclusive retail merchant network, an INCREDIBLE PRODUCT™ stands for products that make life enjoyable, by focusing on Consumer Goods, Higher Learning, Health, Lifestyle Needs and Wellness Brands. INCREDIBLE PRODUCTS®, registered in 34 countries, is used under license. Our brands; INCREDIBLE PRODUCT™, REINVENTING INVENTOR FINANCE® INVENTORS COLLECTIVE™, SISTERS OF INNOVATION™, BOLD ENOUGH TO CHANGE THE WORLD®.

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