Announcing Winners of the €50,000 XR Research Awards and Open Call for New Applicants

The first XR Research Awards received great interest with 319 applications and 89 proposals. The XRRA provided a new opportunity for researchers and content creators to apply to a €50,000 fund to study behaviour in VR and promote the use of objective data to understand human behavioural responses in VR.

XR Research Awards

XR Research Awards

UNITED NATIONS, Jan. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The XR Research Awards targeted worldwide researchers, content creators or individuals affiliated with academic, research, clinical, rehabilitation, or commercial organizations. The proposals had to integrate biosensors to provide for objective outcome measures to be eligible. The awards from Emteq Labs, Cognitive3D, Pico and Plux Wireless Biosignals provide cash, equipment and support for projects.

Of the 319 applications and 89 proposals, 12 solutions stood out. The finalists were judged by leaders in the fields of scientific research, biosignals, safety and business. The proposals were judged on the following criteria: focus on validating the effectiveness of VR, team collaboration, working with partners in two or more organizations and having clear defined outputs.

The winners are:

1st prize: “The impact of social reciprocity on attitudes and behaviour in virtual social interactions” by Dr. Leon Kroczek, Dipl.-Psych.

Face-to-face interactions are a fundamental part of our life and Virtual Reality is a promising tool to study social behaviour. The XRRA award allows us to take VR research on social interactions to the next level by implementing an ecologically valid, real-time interaction paradigm based on eye gaze and facial expressions. This project will advance our understanding of social behaviour during real-time social interactions,” commented Dr. Leon Kroczek, winner of first prize

In addition to the two runner-up awards, an additional runner-up prize was given this year due to the number of quality submissions.

1st runner-up prize: “Development of a framework for emotional audio research (EAR) that uses biofeedback to deepen the immersive experience through the real-time integration of data from various biosensor inputs, which adaptively modify and enhance auditory content” by Richard Warp, Producer at Pollen VR, London

2nd runner-up prize: “Investigating the Effectiveness of Treating Pain and Anxiety with Virtual Reality Using Physiological Data” by Omer Liran, Co-director of Virtual Medicine at Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles

3rd additional runner-up prize award went to the proposal for “Augmented Interoception: Parameters of Pain” by Hamid Ghaednia, Research Scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston

The judges were very impressed by the number and caliber of submissions to this first XR Research Awards. There’s tremendous excitement in the metaverse, but clearly, more research is needed to ensure that XR is rolled out safely and with a strong evidence base. We are delighted to announce that the XR Research Awards will continue in 2022, and we invite entrants to register for the new competition at,” commented Dr. Charles Nduka, CEO and Scientist of Emteq Labs.

Discover more about the XR Research Awards from the article published at Emteq Labs or contact us at

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