DID forecasts floods in Sungai Golok basin early tomorrow morning

KOTA BHARU, Nov 5 (Bernama) — The Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) is forecasting that the Sungai Golok basin in Rantau Panjang near Pasir Mas to experience flooding based on the outcome of a flood forecast simulation model


In a statement, DID said a warning has been issued to the affected areas like Kampung Kubang Rambutan, Kampung Bagus, Kampung Degung, Kampung Telaga Emas and nearby areas if significant rainfall occurs in the basin area.


“We expect the flood to take place on Nov 6 beginning at 2 am,” said the statement.




According to DID, the predicted flooding could occur earlier or later than the expected time depending on the current rain condition in the locality.


“Therefore, all residents in areas which are expected to be flooded, have been urged to be vigilant and comply with the instructions issued by the authorities or flood disaster management agencies,” he said.



Source: BERNAMA News Agency