Do background checks on ‘ustaz viral’ to avoid falling into deviant teachings – JAIPk

IPOH, Feb 9 — The Perak Islamic Religious Department (JAIPk) has urged the public to conduct background checks before committing themselves to any ‘ustaz’ or independent preacher on social media to avoid falling into deviant teachings.

JAIPk director Datuk Yusop Husin said the public can always check their background with the department or the District Islamic Religious Office.

He said not all information available on social media is true, hence the need for background checks.

“We admit there are suspicious teachings available on the Internet, including on Youtube.

“Some preachers may use the title ‘ustaz’ even when they are not actually accredited ustaz and they are preaching on various topics, including the emergence of Imam Mahadi, on Facebook, Tiktok and other platforms on the virtual world.”

He said this in response to the emergence of some unaccredited ‘ustaz’ who became instantly famous on social media for their lectures on Islam, which may mislead and confuse the public.

“There are Muslims who only rely mainly upon social media to learn about Islam. So, my advice is to at least check the background of the teachers.

“Any mosque or surau in the state are also required to approval from the district Islamic religious office if they want to invite celebrity preachers to give talks and the request must be submitted 14 days earlier,” he added.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency