Findings of studies play role in nation’s youth direction – Wan Ahmad Fayhsal

— The findings from studies carried out by the Institute of Youth Research Malaysia (IYRES) 2020 and the Youth Data Hub, play a role in ensuring that the direction of the country’s youth is on the right track, said Deputy Youth and Sports Minister, Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal.

He said that these five findings are the Malaysian Youth Landscape; Malaysian Youth Index Perspective; Malaysian Sports Culture Trends during the COVID-19 Pandemic; the Inability of Youth to Compete in the Economic Sector; Upskilling and Reskilling Study for Better Employment Opportunities among Youth and National Youth Aspirations.

“Through these findings, Malaysia can formulate and plan the best formula in producing a future generation who are capable of governing the country with a strong identity, thus making Malaysia a developed and prosperous country in the future,” he said in a statement.

The findings were presented in a public dialogue session ‘Town Hall IYRES 2021’ online via Zoom webinar and Facebook Live @IYRESKBS today.

Themed “National Youth Landscape and Aspirations’, this second edition was organised by IYRES and Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS), to serve as a platform for disseminating findings from studies conducted by Youth Data Hub and IYRES to stakeholders under youth development, to be used as input to design programmes or activities to meet current youth needs.

In addition, IYRES and KBS have also developed the Youth Data Hub to facilitate access to information among youth development stakeholders through a focused platform.

This data hub is the main information gateway that contains four systems, namely Statistics Hub (Ydata@IYRES system), Youth Profile Hub (National Youth Profile System), Monitoring Hub (e-MYInd system) and Analytics Hub (data science and data analytics system).

The public dialogue webinar session today, which boasted almost 400 participants, was also attended by IYRES chief executive officer, Dr P. Vellapandian; KBS deputy secretary-general (Strategy), Ramona Mohd Razali and KBS deputy secretary-general (Management), Abdullah Hasan.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency