JENDELA: 300 sites to have VSAT facilities next year – Sabah CM

KUDAT, Aug 12 — A total of 300 sites will be equipped with Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) facilities next year to improve internet connectivity in Sabah and complement the National Digital Network (JENDELA) programme, said Chief Minister Datuk Hajiji Noor.

He said the initiative would be implemented by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and to date, MCMC had earmarked 138 sites for the VSAT installations and was working closely with the Education Ministry to install the facilities in 59 schools without internet connection.

Hajiji said for this year, about 50 sites had been identified for the installation of the VSAT ConnectMeNow facilities to ensure the people, particularly those in rural areas, will get an internet connection.

“Communication infrastructure especially fibre networks are needed to support the digital economy agenda and enable all citizens to take advantage of opportunities the latest technologies and innovations have to offer,” he told reporters after launching the VSAT ConnectMeNow programme here today.

Hajiji said prior to this, five VSAT facilities had been installed for trial purposes in Ranau, Tambunan, Pitas, Papar, and the Papar Technology and Research Training Institute.

Commenting further, Hajiji said the VSAT ConnectMeNow programme would benefit seven villages, namely Kampung Andap, Kampung Popot, Kampung Bak Bak, Kampung Bingolon Laut, Kampung Gumandong, Kampung Rampai and the Loro Forest Reserve.

Sabah had been allocated RM3.5 billion to implement JENDELA programme, which is expected to boost the state’s 4G internet penetration to 90 per cent by the year 2023.

Hajiji said up to May this year, a total of 51 telecommunication towers had already been built while another 483 are in the midst of construction.

At the same time, some 1,729 towers have been upgraded from 3G to 4G while the remaining 1,648 are still undergoing upgrading works.

He said for the Kudat district alone, eight new telecommunication towers had been completed and operational in Kampung Kubatang, Kampung Lodung, Kampung Indarason Laut, Kampung Rondomon, Kampung Membatu, Kampung Inukiran, Kampung Panikuan and Kampung Toporoi.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency