Mosques, surau to fully reopen only when COVID-19 cases decline – Selangor Sultan

The Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has urged Muslims in Selangor to continue performing their prayers at home and constantly pray that the deadly COVID-19 virus will be wiped away.

According to a statement uploaded on Selangor Royal Office Facebook page, the Sultan said mosques and surau in the state would only reopen as usual when new COVID-19 cases continue to decline and a greater percentage of the population has been vaccinated.

“His Highness is aware that the people have been urging for the full reopening of houses of worship on social media but following the alarming rise in daily cases this is not possible.

“As such it is with a heavy heart that the Ruler has to stick to the decision on the restricted numbers allowed for religious activities in mosques and surau especially with regards to congregational prayers as this is for the safety of the people,” the statement read.

The statement said that the Sultan was saddened and disappointed to see the rising number of COVID-19 deaths in the state and activities at mosques and surau limited.

The Sultan was also concerned that at the end of last month, data showed that of the total 1,571 deaths reported in the state, 855 were Malays.

The statement added that earlier when restrictions were lifted for religious activities at mosques and surau several, weeks before Ramadan, for example, the virus continued to spread as mosque and surau congregants triggered new clusters in the state.

The Sultan regretted that despite the standard operating procedures (SOP) and controls imposed at mosques, the pandemic has continued to rage and the sight of family members grieving and not being allowed to visit their loved at hospital or participate in their funeral rites has become too much for him to bear.

“His Royal Highness would like to emphasise that mosques in Selangor have never been closed and it is not easy for him to issue orders to mosques to limit the number of congregants to perform the obligatory and Friday prayers.

“This decision was taken after examining and monitoring COVID-19 data and statistics and the situation is becoming increasingly alarming,” it added.

All Muslims are urged to remain patient and strong as this pandemic is a test for us from Allah SWT and to always remember the Almighty’s infinite power and greatness.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency