No deaths among the fully vaccinated – Sarawak health director


KUCHING, Aug 9 – There have been no reports of deaths caused by COVID-19 among those who have been fully vaccinated, or at least 14 days after the second dose, said Sarawak Health Department director, Datuk Dr Mohamed Sapian Mohamed.


He said that as at Aug 8, there were a total 449 deaths from the virus, with 425 (94.6 per cent) of the dead without a vaccination record.


“A total 21 (4.7 per cent) had only received the first dose of the vaccine when they tested positive, while three (0.7 per cent) of the dead had received the first and second dose before testing positive, but within 14 days from the last dose,” he said in a statement today.



He added that Sarawak had achieved high vaccination coverage among its adult population, with 88.2 per cent given their first dose and 75.9 per cent given the second dose.


“This achievement is due to the efforts and cooperation of several parties: the Sarawak COVID-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF), medical workers, volunteers and the public who came forward to take up the vaccine,” he said.


Dr Mohamed Sapian said the number of COVID-19 cases requiring intensive treatment and close monitoring have reduced parallel to increased immunisation coverage in Sarawak.



He said the daily admissions for clinical level 3 to 5 patients was 44 as at Aug 8, with new hospital admissions averaging 5.5.


He said it was a decline compared to the 9.1 daily admissions of clinical level 3 to 5 patients in July 2021.


He said the number of cases needing critical care are also falling from an average 83 per day in June 2021 to 45 cases per day in July and now 27 cases per day as at Aug 8.


“However, the vaccine does not provide full protection. Infection can still occur in a small number of people who have been fully vaccinated, but the symptoms are normally mild,” he said.




Source: BERNAMA News Agency