Nothing can stop animal lover from caring for strays

ALOR GAJAH, Feb 9 — For Norashikin Ahmad, her love for stray animals especially cats and dogs, knows no bounds.

According to Norashikin, 29, she followed in her father, Ahmad Saad’s footsteps and began taking an active role in animal rescue in 2014, two years after her father died.

“My late father was indeed an animal lover. Whenever he comes across a helpless or sick animal, he would take it home and treat it. Watching him care deeply for animals since I was a child taught me to treat animals with kindness and respect,” she said when met at a Kongsi Rezeki – Animal Welfare CSR Programme here today.

Also present were Masjid Tanah Member of Parliament Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin and Malaysian Cat Club president Khalid Rashid.

Equipped with the knowledge on animal care and management from her late father, she started the STAR Cat Shelter, where hundreds of cats and dogs as well as horses and monkeys were saved.

She decided on building the animal shelter after seeing the local authority (PBT) rounding up stray cats in an area in Melaka.

“At that time, I wasn’t sure what the procedure was after the animals were caught. I was shocked to learn that the unclaimed cats would be put to sleep. Ever since then, I started bringing home stray cats to give them the necessary treatment including having them neutered and vaccinated.

“I am lucky to be in contact with so many people who have the expertise, committed and knowledgeable about animals, all over Malaysia who are always willing to help out, ” she said.

She said currently, her animal shelter has almost 100 cats, 60 dogs and five monkeys adding that she had gone through trials, tribulations and triumphs in rescuing animals.

“The most unforgettable experience was when we went to rescue several horses which were left abandoned. When we found them following complaints, they were a most pitiful sight.

“The rescue team lodged a report with the police as well as the Veterinary Services Department. With the cooperation of all parties, the horses were saved, just like how we saved a dog that was set on fire by an irresponsible individual,” she said.

Despite having to bear the high expenses, sacrifice her time and energy, Norashikin said she will never give up caring for neglected animals.

“I consider the efforts that I put in animal resccue as a donation in the name of my late father so that he will continue to benefit the rewards in the Hereafter. I strongly believe that loving and caring for animals is something that must be taught and nurtured in children from an early age,” she said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency