GEORGE TOWN, Two brothers who were hospitalised after eating crackers believed laced with rat poison in Kampung Padang Ubi, Labu Besar, Kulim in Kedah on Sunday, are still unconscious and in critical condition.

The two brothers Muhammad Akil Syauqi Nur Sufian, 3, and Muhammad Luth Syauqi, 2, are being treated at the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) of Penang Hospital (HPP) here.

Their mother Nurain Hasnorizal, 25, said her eldest son Muhammad Akil Syauqi had no physical reaction at all and was the most critical compared to his younger brother with both of them still in a coma.

“According to the doctor, my elder son is the most critical and until now there is still no body reaction at all while the younger sibling’s blood pressure is fine, both are still in a coma now and I am asking for everyone to pray for my children’s recovery.

“Doctors are doing their best (to save them), they are giving several types of medicine including antibiotics, but until today both are still not conscious,” she told repo
rters when met at HPP, here today.

Yesterday it was reported that two brothers were in critical condition after they were believed to have eaten crackers containing rat poison in Padang Ubi Village in Kulim and Kulim district police chief Supt Mohd Azizul Mohd Khairi said the mother of the two brothers became aware of the incident at 11am after her children vomited and were foaming at the mouth.

The two victims are believed to have taken a packet of crackers containing rat poison which was hung on the fence of a nearby garden, believed to be used to trap monkeys.

Commenting further, Nurain said she hoped both of her children would recover soon.

She also has not yet thought about the action to be taken against the owner of the garden who is also her neighbour.

‘I am not thinking of what to do, right now I’m only thinking about the children, maybe after the children are healthy I will make a decision. I will discuss with the family after this (regarding further actions), I leave it to the family,” he said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency