Selangor state assembly approves State Child Development Policy

SHAH ALAM, The Selangor state assembly approved the Selangor Child Development Policy and Action Plan 2022-2025.

Selangor Speaker Ng Suee Lim announced the passing of the motion after the assembly passed it unanimously and after seven assemblymen debated the motion today.

He said the motion presented by Public Health, Unity and Women and Family Development Committee chairman Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud focused on 10 main domains, including parental and pre-natal preparation, social development, communication, early education and childcare, family prosperity, education (primary and secondary) the role of technology in child development, infrastructure and safety, socio economy and stakeholder involvement.

“In Selangor, we study from every aspect, including social and culture, including elderly, and children. No other state has tabled such a policy throughout this five years,” he told reporters after the assembly sitting today.

Ng said the motion will be studied by the state government in the upcoming term or at the federal level to be a guideline or suggestion to the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry to draft policies regarding children.

Dr Siti Mariah had said when presenting the motion that the policy was accompanied by a strategic action plan that is being drafted to achieve all 10 domains.

She said programme development and initiatives relating to children could be implemented strategically and in line with the demography and psychography of children in Selangor.

If all the challenges relating to child issues could be successfully solved, Selangor would see a positive result from the policy within five to 10 years.

“It is hoped that the policy will provide a clear and systematic guideline to the development of happy children in Selangor,” she added.

In other developments, Ng announced that the state assembly sitting, held since Monday, would be adjourned to a date to be announced.