Singapore Defence Minister shares personal encounter with COVID-19

SINGAPORE, Feb 8 (Bernama) — Singapore’s Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen shared his personal encounter with COVID-19, noting if he was infected two years ago with the original strain, unprotected without vaccines, he would have feared for his life literally.

Even six months ago, the Delta variant could have caused more serious illness without the booster shot.

However, the vaccine and booster that he took have turned a potentially life-threatening disease to a mild one.

“It’s been an interesting past few days, as a patient with COVID-19. Sharing my experience, with the caveat that individual reactions vary widely,” he wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday, detailing his five-day experience, at length.

Dr Ng noted that “with the highly infectious Omicron causing the largest waves since the start of the pandemic in Singapore, it would be hard to avoid this variant, unless one became a recluse.”

“The assurance was that having had two shots of the vaccine with the booster, serious illness could be avoided,” he said.

Dr Ng, 63, also appended his posting with two photos of him attending a meeting with his Government Parliamentary Committee (Defence and Foreign Affairs) colleagues today via video conferencing, and his antigen rapid test (ART).

Source: BERNAMA News Agency