SPAN: Booster pump facility to be built to overcome water supply woes in Maran, Pahang

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 17 — A booster pump facility will be built at the Tangki Batu 7 site to overcome issues of water supply disruption and low water pressure in Pekan Awah in Maran, Pahang,

The National Water Services Commission (SPAN) in a statement today said the plan to build the facility was proposed after discussing the matter with Pengurusan Air Pahang Berhad (PAIP).

“Once completed, the booster pump station will enable water to be pumped to the Pekan Awah service tank before being supplied to users,” it said.

However, according to SPAN, the site is owned by the Rubber Industry Smallholders Development Authority (RISDA), and the proposal can only be carried out after obtaining permission from the landowner.

Meanwhile, it informed that the problem faced by 1,400 account holders who received their water supply from the Seberang Temerloh Water Treatment Plant (LRA) was due to facility issues.

“Besides that, the hilly terrain also makes it difficult to supply water at suitable pressure levels,” said the statement.

At the same time, SPAN as the regulatory body of the water services industry in the country said it had assisted PAIP in terms of obtaining funds from the Federal Government through the Finance Ministry to overcome the water supply problem.

“Following this, a total of RM20.24 million has been approved for PAIP to carry out work to repair water supply facilities, including a proposal to upgrade the water supply system in Pekan Awah.

“The estimated cost to rehabilitate and construct the booster pump facility is RM3 million and if all goes well, the project is expected to be completed this year,” the statement said.

SPAN had issued the statement in response to a news article yesterday regarding the water supply issues in the area.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency