Ufun Utoken Scam (QastMe)


A number of things to note about all this flap, based on reports in the press, and do note that the press seems to have confused and mixed information.

UFUN GROUP has not been closed down, nor business license terminated, nor had its leaders arrested. UFUN GROUP is open and doing business as usual – does that not tell us a lot?

The police raided something called “UFun Store Co Ltd” at the office located on Ramintra 61 Road in BKK. Note that this is NOT a UFUN GROUP address.

They seem to have hijacked the UFUN name for an operation not owned by UFUN Group. Confusing matters at this point.

Apparently 8 were arrested or are wanted. NONE of those are names that any of us are aware of as UFUN Group leaders. Why? Because they are not, and ran a separate operation.

This operation was in the business of selling cosmetics, food supplements and other products to members in a complicated business model that focuses on bringing in new members rather than selling the products, the police said. Note that this has NOTHING IN COMMON with the UFUN or Utoken business model.

It APPEARS, but is not clear, from the reporting that they were using Utokens as a form of payment – among others? This seems to be the case as the police said that members had to buy UToken packages and gave their costs accurately.

Note that the use of Utoken has NOTHING to do with whether or not they were running a scam or Ponzi – just as use of the dollar for such things does not involve the US Fed Reserve!

Scandal Mongering by the likes of the behind mlm website and its scurrilous fake “reviews” are feeding off these events. But that site is the home of nothing but brazen and unsupported assertions, which in turn feed flawed conclusions. They specialize in false descriptions and assertions which they set up as “straw men” which they then go on to condemn as “scams.” Throughly dishonest rubbish is the result and should not be shared or posted as it is a disservice to the truth.

For your convenience, here are links to some (flawed) reports.

Bangkok Post: http://www.bangkokpost.com/ news/general/525551/four-held- in-massive-pyramid-scheme

Thai Visa site: http://news.thaivisa.com/ thaivisa-news/police-raid-and- shut-down-a-pyramid-scheme/ 48953/

And for a pretty good review – which I would be a lot tougher than – of the offending behind mlm site and putting it into perspective, this one: http:// behindmlmfakereviews.com/ behindmlm-fraud/

I am as certain as one can be on this Earth so populated with surprises that we are in the Right Place at the Right Time with UFUN. Support it and oppose lies, deceptions, misinformation.

Let’s all Enjoy and Prosper with UFUN.