World oblivious of Myanmar Muslims plight (Pakistan Observer)

The Muslim Institute organized here a round table discussion titled The Dilemma of Stateless Rohingyas.

Chairman, Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad, Former Ambassador Khalid Mehmood, Chairman Muslim institute Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali, Former Ambassador of Pakistan to Myanmar Amjad Majeed Abbasi, Member Grand Assembly of Turkey Burhan Kaya Turk and research associate Usman Hasan highlighted various aspects of tragic circumstance Myanmars Rohingya Muslims were trapped in. They invited attention of international community towards plight of Rohingya community.

Speakers said the Rohingya Muslims are denied of citizenship as they are unable to prove their settlement in Myanmar before 1823. Almost 1.2 million people are stateless due to a senseless law. Hundreds of thousand of Rohungyas are living in refugee camps including large number of women and children who are in much trouble. The mass graves of Rohingyas have been found in Thailand and Malaysia.

According to the reports of UN, the Rohingyas are one of the most prosecuted minority in the world and Myanmar is refusing to perform its duties to provide them with the basic human rights. They are seeking thrown to forced labour in government projects which is also the violation of international labour law.

They are asylum abroad as their oppression has continued for last five decades. There are thousands of Rohingyas stranded in the sea as no country is accepting them as refugees.

The international community cannot remain oblivious of the tragic situation in respect of Rohingyas of Myanmar.

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