Landslide Causes Water Mains To Burst, Disrupting Supply

BETONG: Residents from several areas in Betong are experiencing disruption in water supply since midnight yesterday.

Aaron Gorino Rural Water Supply Department engineer here said the disruption was caused by a burst water main.

Early yesterday morning, the department spotted the burst water main caused by landslide near a longhouse Nanga Ajau, Layar. We are trying to resolve this issue as fast as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciates the co-operation given.

He added that most housing areas, villages and longhouses around Betong, Betong Old Market, Medan New City,

Betong government quarters and some areas in Spaoh are affected.

He also advised residents to be prepared and collect sufficient water supply for daily use during the disruption period.

For enquiries or reports on water supply disruptions, contact the department’s office at 083 � 472314, 083 � 472312 during office hours.

Source: The Borneo Post