Cottage Industries Asked To Go Digital

KAPIT: Operators of cottage industries here have been asked to go digital by using the Internet to sell their products.

Assistant Minister of Agriculture Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail said by going online, cottage industries would no longer be dependent on local markets.

The policy of the government is for all sectors to embrace the digital economy � online businesses. The conventional method now depends a lot on local markets, a venue to exhibit and sell the products. However, the market is limited depending on the visitors, while an online business can access the whole world without any barriers, he said when visiting a pua kumbu weaver here recently.

Entrepreneurs need to change their mindset and go online. They could carry out their businesses at home or even in a rural setting by creating a social media account to display and exhibit the products on Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, blogs, etc.

He pointed out that weaver Fransiska Blantau, who received RM10,000 from the Department of Agriculture for her business, made nearly RM70,000 from her pua kumbu last year.

Dr Abdul Rahman also highlighted the success of other programme participants.

I am very impressed because the participants showed keen enthusiasm to participate in our programme, designed to help them to improve their livelihoods through hands on training.

The products, for example pua kumbu, have high market demand. The roti canai participant, she earns RM75,905 a year. Also, the inland indigenous fishes like Ikan Empurau, Ikan Tengadak, Ikan Semah, the Kapit iconic fishes, also fetch very high market price. I was told a kilogramme of Empurau sells for RM900, he added.

Source: Sarawak Government