KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia The Malaysian capital market surged 12.6 per cent to RM3.2 trillion in 2017 with strong growth seen across all segments, said the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC).

It said the capital market saw double-digit growth across segments with the equity market rising 14.4 per cent to RM1.9 trillion, Bond and Sukuk was 10.1 per cent higher at RM1.3 trillion and the Islamic capital market increasing 11.9 per cent to RM.9 trillion, close to 60 per cent of overall capital market.

The growth was at 2.4 times gross domestic products and it was the fifth largest in Asia, the SC said in its 2017 annual report released today.

Chairman Ranjit Ajit Singh, in his annual report briefing, said the growth in all segments was due to strong economic fundamentals, continuation of earnings recovery, capital raising for infrastructure financing, positive foreign inflows with net inflow of RM17.6 billion, and higher level of participation.

The capital market has recorded a strong growth in all segments and continues to play a major role in capital formation and the financing of the Malaysian economy, while at the same time offering a wide range of opportunities for investors as reflected by high level of participation.

We will continue to ensure a facilitative ecosystem and regulatory architecture to promote the trust and confidence in the market, he said.

Ranjit said the fundraising was also exceptionally strong last year, at a record high of RM146.6 billion, which was above the five-year average of RM114 billion.

Source: NAM News Network