KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia The online shopping consumption increased greatly during the fasting month, especially during the early hours of the morning for sahur.

This was evident as iPrice Group, a price aggregator platform for hundreds of online merchants in Indonesia and Malaysia, experienced double-digit growth in online sessions.

Its analysis suggested that online traffic at 5 am increased by 105 per cent in Malaysia and 345 per cent in Indonesia, when compared with the same time prior to Ramadan.

The increase was much higher in Indonesia as the country has the largest Muslim population in the world.

In Malaysia, the increase in online traffic was much higher when compared to our research last year, where we only saw a 90 per cent increase in online traffic at 5 am, indicating an increased interest in online products this year as compared to 2017, it said in a statement today.

iPrice said the online traffic in both countries experienced a dip in online traffic at 7 pm in Malaysia and 6 pm in Indonesia as many prepare for breaking of fast (iftar) but after Terawih prayers, online traffic in both countries would resume, reaching its peak at 10 pm.

Fashion products were among the most sought-after items during Ramadan as millions of Malaysians and Indonesians prepare for the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations, with Naelofar Hijab, Fashion Valet and Muslimah Clothing as the top three most searched local fashion eCommerce brands in Malaysia.

Source: NAM News Network