Lantern Media sparks brands marketing objectives via AI advertising network

KUALA LUMPUR, Lantern Media, an out-of-home (OOH) media company is set to take mall advertising to new heights with its digital LED advertising network which operates on artificial intelligence (AI) to help brands achieve their marketing objectives.

With in-mall advertising becoming more and more popular, Lantern Media would like to capitalise on this growing trend by offering data accountability – clear reporting and analytics, said Lantern Media co-founder, Paul Leo Versley.

This is to ensure that all impact is measurable, so that brands would have a better insight into their marketing outcomes. Although OOH advertising is currently being widely used, it is difficult to measure the impact. Our screens address this gap.

By gathering geographical and socio-economic data, these screens enable malls to track daily footfall and user engagement, thus providing brands with data accountability, according to a statement.

Lantern Media’s LED screens utilise the latest in AI technology, enabling advertisers to track user engagement with their content.

Through each screen’s facial recognition feature, brands are able to accurately measure the number of authentic views their advertisements receive daily whereby, the screens also identify each viewer’s age and gender to determine if they fit the brand’s target audience.

Currently, Lantern Media has more than 100 fully operational screens in malls across the Klang Valley.

The company has worked with both local brands to track and document data derived from user views to achieve more quantifiable results and effective engagement.

Lantern Media is a grant receiver from Cradle Fund under the CIP300 programme. It plans to add 100 more screens in the near future, further expanding its reach in the country.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)