St Kitts and Nevis, Taiwan strengthen mutual concerns collaboration

KUALA LUMPUR, Mark Brantley, the St Kitts and Nevis Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is also Premier of Nevis, recently met with his Taiwan counterpart, Dr Jaushieh Joseph Wu, discussing further collaboration on opportunities for small to medium enterprises, education and infrastructural development.

This was followed by Brantley’s trip to Taiwan where he also met with Republic of China (Taiwan) President, Tsai Ing-wen.

Tsai highlighted the strong bilateral partnership between Taiwan and St Kitts and Nevis, emphasising the importance of international diplomacy.

She also highlighted that more St Kitts and Nevis citizens were welcome to benefit from higher education opportunities, via the ministry’s Taiwan Scholarship programme.

Building bridges and visa-free access with approximately 150 countries and territories have been St Kitts and Nevis’ focus since gaining independence in 1983.

Despite being one of the smallest countries in the Western Hemisphere, the country’s passport strength is ranked 26th worldwide and remains the strongest in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States.

For over three decades, St Kitts and Nevis has been offering foreign investors and their families a means of acquiring its citizenship, possibly under the St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme.

CS Global Partners is the international legal advisory mandated by the government to promote the programme worldwide.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)