Police deny trespassing into Haziq’s family home

KUCHING, Police have denied trespassing into the Petra Jaya family home of Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz, the man in the centre of a sex video scandal.

Kuching district police chief ACP Awang Din Awang Gani said on orders from Bukit Aman, a police team went to the home at 5.20 pm yesterday to look for Haziq.

He said the checks conducted at the house were done in accordance with standard operating procedures and investigations were carried out in accordance with Section 502 of the Penal Code and Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Commission Act 1998.

On reaching the house, they found cars parked outside and proceeded to call out to the occupants for several minutes to open the front gate.

As there was no response, the team decided to enter the premises as the front gate was unlocked, he said in a press statement issued today.

When they reached the front door, the team called out once again to the occupants, until Haziq’s father known as Abdul Aziz, opened the door, he said.

Then, the police introduced themselves and produced relevant identification while explaining the purpose of their presence at the home.

“The whole team was then invited to enter the home by Abdul Aziz, as well as Haziq’s mother and his sister-in-law, who cooperated well with the team and allowed them to search the house for Haziq’s presence, he said, adding that the police proceeded to record a statement from Abdul Aziz in accordance with Section 211 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

In the statement, Awang Din also confirmed receiving a report from Abdul Aziz alleging trespassing by the police team.

Until his suspension yesterday, Haziq was the senior private secretary to the Deputy Primary Industries Minister.

Haziq was detained by police at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport today for questioning on the sex video case.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)