M-League Teams should be smart in attracting fans

KUALA LUMPUR, All teams competing in the Malaysia League (M-League) should be savvy in finding ways to be closer to their supporters in the effort to attract them to the stadium.

Malaysian Football League (MFL) chairman Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim said the task of attracting supporters to the stadium is not solely on the shoulders of the league’s governing body or the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).

He stressed that teams and clubs in the M-League should play a key role in attracting fans to continuously fill the stadium.

“Attracting supporters to the stadium is the task for the respective teams. The relationship between the club and the supporters is not the responsibility of MFL or FAM.

“It is the responsibility of the competing teams and how you are connected to get your supporters involved in the project,” he said in a press release after the launch of the MFL 50 Year Strategic Plan or Next50 2021-2070 at Iskandar Malaysia Studios, Johor Bharu.

The MFL Next50, which was launched last night, features four missions beginning with the focus on the quality of football in the Super and Premier Leagues, followed by the second mission which focuses on human capital elements in MFL as well as in all Super and Premier League teams

The third mission is to focus on fans and the Malaysian community as a whole, followed by the fourth mission which focuses on the commercial aspects of MFL.

In the same development, Tunku Ismail hoped that all clubs would be independent in finding their income by looking for sponsors besides building supporter attendance at the stadium.

He wants to see M-League teams weaned from state government funds to maintain the club’s stability.

“There are some requirements we need to follow from the AFC (Asian Football Confederation). So, I think it’s up to the management of each club how to handle the situation.

“They should be privatised and no longer expect (funds) from the government because the government’s money is the people’s money,” he said.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)