Samurai Drugstore takes Japanese products global

KUALA LUMPUR, Mik Japan Co Ltd, a drugstore chain managing over 50 outlets, is operating ‘Samurai Drugstore’, an international online store for drugstore products from Japan.

The company is holding a US$100,000 point-back campaign until year-end, to celebrate the opening of the service. (US$1 = RM4.19)

During the campaign period, one in five customers will be selected via a raffle to receive points worth the same value of their purchases, which can be used for their next purchases.

Using the platform, orders are received by and shipped directly from the company’s own warehouses, eliminating counterfeits or imitations. Products are delivered to customers using a reliable shipping route.

These Japanese products can be purchased from anywhere in the world as long as the customers are in a country or region to which the goods can be shipped.

Managing drugstores since 1974, the company seeks to introduce and deliver safe, secure products from Japan to overseas customers. More details at

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)