30 birds from Fukuoka Zoo going to Taiping Zoo

TAIPING, Perak’s Zoo Taiping and Night Safari may see visitor numbers soar after a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed today for a bird exchange with Japan next year.

The agreement aimed at strengthening ties will see 30 birds comprising three species being flown down from Fukuoka City Zoological Garden and a pair of African crowned cranes going over from Zoo Taiping and Night Safari.

Fukuoka City Zoological Garden director, Sato Hiroaki, said the zoo was picked because it is well-managed and clean, aside from the weather here being suitable for the birds.

“We’re sending 10 Silver gulls, 10 Pied imperial pigeons and 10 Rosy-billed pochards,” he said after the MoU was inked between him and Zoo Taiping and Night Safari director, Dr Kevin Lazarus, while witnessed by Taiping Municipal Council (MPT) president, Borhan Abdul Halim.

“The collaboration complements wildlife conservation efforts here and the zoo environment, Borhan said, adding it is very relevant to promoting environmental protection and awareness.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)